Do you practise safe computing?

With news that malware makers are now actively targeting Mac owners, it's enough to make you want to wrap your computer in tin foil, disconnect from the internet and hide yourself in a cupboard like Joe from EastEnders. But it's not all bad news - here are five easy ways to reduce the risk of catching something nasty.

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Want a new phone? Change networks, then.

Exclusive deals between mobile phone companies and networks existed before the iPhone, but Apple really pulled off a coup by managing to get its claws on a chunk of the subscriber revenue too. This is all good for Steve Jobs but a pain in the bum if you're not on the right network.

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Top 5 webcam feeds you didn't know about

The webcam is an overlooked and underrated product. It has masses of potential, but think of blocky and lag-ridden conversations and painful attempts to chat to tech-lexic relatives from abroad, it's clear we've not yet completely got to grips with the webcam.

Aside from nefarious adult deviance, and the aforementioned stutter-riddled digital family reunions, it seems most people have simply given up on webcams.

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