New Mac mini pics leaked?

As product leaks go, the picture of the supposed new Mac mini doing the rounds isn't exactly the most exciting. But that may lend more support to it being legit - it seems too dull to want to fake otherwise.

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The best iPhone headphones

Everyone knows that the bundled headphones you get with music-playing gadgets are rubbish, and the Apple iPhone is no different.

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Philips gets attack of the Blus

Typical. You don’t get any Philips Blu-ray players for, well, ever, and then along come three at once.

Unveiled today at the Philips press ‘extravaganza’ in Lisbon, the three new standalone Philips Blu-ray players are the BDP3000, BDP5000 and BDP7300, set to cost around 200 euros, 250 euros and 300 euros respectively.

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